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Cell Phone Mold

Cell phone molds are custom molded to fit the receiver of hands-free headsets. This custom earpiece provides safety and comfort while driving. We recommend sending us the headset with your impressions to insure accuracy.

The walkman mold is the same custom earpiece as the cell phone mold, designed to couple earphone receivers used with portable radios, tape recorders, CD players, and Pocket Talkers. The receivers are pressure fit into the mold. This eliminates a headband and provides comfort and freedom of movement. Ear bud receivers are easily removed making cleaning simple. We recommend sending us the ear buds along with your impressions to insure accuracy.

Broadcaster Mold

This discrete custom mold was developed for professional talent and communicators who desire freedom of movement and cosmetic appeal, such as TV anchors, reporters, directors, actors, stage crew, special agents, politicians, celebrities, and others interviewed on camera, and those performing “voiceovers.” The broadcaster mold comes with a 36 inch coiled tubing and a polyethylene female adapter. Options include clothing collar clips and receiver clothing clips. Cords and receivers are also available.


Anesthesiologist Mold

Designed for professionals who demand comfort along with a clear passage of sound to monitor vital sounds. This mold is similar in design to the receiver style mold. It comes with an anodized aluminum adapter and a special 1/8″ silicone tubing, which replaces one end of the transmission line of the stethoscope. Venting is recommended to increase comfort and extended wear.


Stethoscope Mold (BTE)

This is designed for the BTE wearer to use the stethoscope and hearing aid at the same time. This mold has a large custom bore drilled and contoured to accomodate the stethoscope ear tip and hold it securely in place. This style mold is recommended for mild or moderate hearing losses.

Shure Musician Monitor Mold

This earmold customizes the Shure Personal Monitor Earphones.

ER4/ER6 (Etymotic Micropro Earphones)

This custom molded canal style earmold accommodates this earphone used by personal listening recording engineers and in-the-ear musician monitors.

Pilots Communication Mold

This receiver (body-aid) type earmold is designed to accommodate a snap-in swivel bar that extends along the side of the cheek and attatches to the microphone so the pilot can receive and transmit hands-free.
(Available with a standard or curved bar, please specify).


Stethoscope Mold (ITC, CIC)

Designed for ITC and CIC wearers, a custom shell is molded to fit over the aid in the concha bowl. The impression is made with the hearing aid in place and the microphone covered for protection. It is important to mark the microphone location on the impression and send the stethoscope tip only to ensure proper fit and alignment.

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