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 The Comfort Ear Plug

* Available in canal, half shell, and full concha styles

* Available in Satin Soft or TFC material

* Standard removal handles

* Optional cords

* Optional right and left indicators

* Average attenuation of 32 dB

* NRR rating of 29

* For use by factory workers, farmers, carpenters, equipment operators, motorcyclists, machinists, printers, and for sleeping

Hocks Noise Breakers

* Available in a full concha or 1/2 shell styles

* Available in Satin Soft of TFC material

* Standard removal handles

* Optional cords

* Optional right and left indicators

* Allows sound to enter up to 80 dB. When the sound pressure level is beyond 80 dB it is filtered through the Hocks Noise Breaker passive filtering element. When filtered the plugs will allow a reduction of about 32 dB.

* For use by shooters, gun clubs, race car drivers, airlines, motorized sports, concerts, fire and police work, professional sports


Industrial Noise Plugs

* Available in concaved half shell and full shell styles
* Available in Satin Soft or TFC material
* Stadard hollowed out bore for comfort purposes
* Average attenuation of 32 dB
* NRR rating of 29
* For use in factories




Musician’s Plugs

* Comes with 9, 15, or 25 dB valves, please specify* Available in canal style

* Available in Satin Soft or Standard Silicone material

* Standard CIC handles

* Optional cords if space allows

* Standard right indicator

* Flat response allows music and speech to be heard clearly, but not as loud

* For use by musicians, dentists, disc jockeys, airline pilots, sound crews, truck drivers, NFL football players, band teachers, traders, onstruction workers, recording engineers, people with tinnitus, spectators at sporting events or concerts, and individuals with sensitivity to loud sounds

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