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Earmold Materials

Many factors should be considered when selecting an earmold material: hearing loss, ear texture, acoustic options, tubing, possible allergies to material, colors, etc.



Lucite with Standard Silicone Canal

- Acrylic body with a semi-soft canal (The concha bowl is hard acrylic, the canal is semi-soft and softens slightly with body temperature to create a better sound seal)
- Recommended for moderate to severe hearing losses
- A non-allergenic Flex is available
- Comes standard clear, brush velvet (dull), with a light pink canal
- The acrylic body is available in high gloss (shiny), Hydamold, glitter, and all of our solid colors
- Other labs refer to this material as: Soft canal with Lucite, and Vinylflex canal

- Lucite body with a Standard Silicone Canal
- Made for those customers who cannot wear a soft earmold due to allergies or deteriorating ear texture
- Recommended for severe to profound hearing losses
- The lucite body comes standard clear
- The standard silicone canal is available in clear and flesh-tone

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