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New Custom Earmolds for Open Fit Hearing Aids


We have developed two popular custom earmold styles to accommodate your client’s needs, when the stock domed tip earmold is unacceptable for reasons such as feedback, comfort, retention problems, etc…Style STA is the most popular style because it is the smallest, most open, and least occluding. Style STC was designed by adding a locking element similar to our earmold style #3W (Canal with hook), for added retention.

The open fit slim tube can be inserted into any custom earmold style with standard or variable venting to customize your fitting. The standard slim tube has to be modified in order to fit the sound bore we incorporate into the mold. Dispensers are encouraged to send the slim tube with their order so that we can modify the tube to be inserted. If you choose not to send the tube, indicate the make of the hearing aid on the order form and we will drill the appropriate tube for that make of hearing aid.


Modification of Slim Tube


Step 1 – Use side cutters or razor blade
Step 2 – Cut off retention hook on slim tube
Step 3 – Position side cutter or razor blade below the widest diameter of plastic on the slim tube, cut leaving approximately 3/8” of hard plastic of the slim tube
Step 4 – Insert completed modified slim tube into bore of custom earmold (friction fitted)


In The Canal Receiver Custom Earmolds

custom_fit_web We are also making receiver in the canal custom molds currently for Oticon Delta, Phonak Micro Power, Siemens Centra Active, Sebotek, Vivatone, etc…hearing aids. These molds can be made from either hard or soft materials with open, standard, or selective venting.

Please contact us if you would like more information on any of these new products.

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