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The most effective way of cleaning an earmold is with the use of an in-office Ultrasonic cleaner. However,
all of our earmolds and plugs can be cleaned periodically with an anti-bacterial dish soap or earmold
disinfectant cleaner. Alcohol should never be used to clean a mold or plug. Cleaning your custom
earpiece will help reduce itching and discoloration of the mold due to body acidity and earwax being
absorbed into the material


Earmold Replacement

It is time to replace the an earmold when:
1. A patient purchases a new hearing aid.
2. An earmold begins to feedback.
3. A patient’s hearing thresholds have changed.
4. An earmold is damaged.
5. Growth, especially in children.
6. An earmold is discolored.
7. An earmold emits an odor.


Earmold tubing that becomes cracked, yellow, or hard must be replaced. Tubing should be changed at
least twice a year. Droplets of moisture accumulating at the bend of the tubing can affect the performance
of the hearing aid. Insruct the user on how to remove moisture through the use of a tubing air blower. Also,
advise your patients not to remove their earmold by the tubing.

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